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Dear cardholder:

Congratulations for choosing YGB Card. YGB is your choice for easy-life, spending power at home and abroad, convenience and rewards.

If you have any queries regarding your card account, feel free to call our customer care lines or send us an e-mail.


::Paying with your YGB card::

::Withdrawing cash::

::Travel insurance::

::Report lost or stolen card::

::Force majeure::

::YGB contact numbers::

::Visa / Master Card::


:: Paying with your YGB card ::

YGB card is welcome at home and abroad at over 12 million establishments (shops, airline, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc.), displaying the visa or MasterCard sign.


:: Withdrawing cash ::

Cash facility is available, locally and worldwide, at banks displaying the VISA or MasterCard sign. Use the PIN number given to you along with the card.


:: Travel insurance ::

The cardholder, his / her spouse and unmarried  depending children under 18 years are eligible for free travel insurance, at no extra charge, while traveling on common carriers such as plane, train and bus, provided the tickets are purchased with YGB Gold Card.

:: Report lost or stolen card ::

In the event of loss or theft of your YGB Card, a replacement card will be normally issued within 48 hours. The loss or theft should be reported, immediately, to our 24-hours customer care line and /or to VISA or MasterCard. This should be followed by a written confirmation.


Free emergency message service

VISA travel service center (VTSC) accept messages from traveling YGB VISA Cardholders in emergency and forwards them as directed. VTSC also records emergency messages to be passed onto the cardholder.


Visa travel service center

In addition to emergency services, VTSC provides cardholders with information regarding:

  • Hotels participating in the VISA lodging services programme

  • Availability of cash withdrawal facilities.

  • Embassies and consulates

  • General travel enquiries

VISA travel service centers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week from London and Baltimore (U.S.A).


:: Force majeure ::

Travel insurance and additional emergency assistance services are providers. Such services and assistance are provided on a best-effort basis and may not be available due to problems of time, distance or location. The medical and / or legal professional third party service providers are not employees of AFS and therefore, AFS accepts no responsibility or liability for the availability, use, acts, omissions or results of any medical, legal or transportation service. The above services may be changed at any time by AFS, without prior notice.



::Visa / Master Card::



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