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Deposit Account:

  • This account can be opened for both individuals and legal entities upon presentation of an approved personal identification document for individuals, and the approved registration documents for companies, institutions and legal entities.

  • This account may be opened in the name of one or more individuals with specification of the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (severally/jointly).

  • Fixed deposit accounts carry a certain interest the percentage of which shall be set at the time of deposit and upon each renewal.

  • The balance must be higher than the minimum set for this account in the relevant area, otherwise the interest shall not be computed.

  • No checkbooks are given for this type of account; and transfers there from cannot be made through the Bank's self-services.

  • Withdrawals from this account may not be made unless it matured.

  • On maturity, the account is automatically renewed for an identical period and at the interest rate prevailing thereupon, unless otherwise instructed five days prior to maturity date by the account holder.

  • Withdrawals or transfers from this account may not be made before dates of maturity, unless otherwise stipulated by the prevailing norms, laws and regulations.


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