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Saving Account:

  • A Saving Account can be opened for individuals upon presentation of an approved personal identification document.

  • It may be opened in the name of one or more individuals with specification of the authorized signatories and their signatory powers (severally/jointly).

  • This is a personal account from which withdrawals are to be made either personally by account holders at the counter of the branch/other branches, or through the ATM cards.

  • It carries a credit interest the percentage of which shall be determined by area, provided that the balance of the account remains above the minimum set for bearing such an interest.

  • Free-of-charge statements of accounts are issued at least every six months.

  • Upon the customer's request, this account shall be granted all of the Bank's self-services, in accordance with the specific conditions for each service.

  • No check books are given for this type of account and no check withdrawals can be made on it. Only passbooks allowed in this account.

  • Account holders may use all of the bank's services, as per the specific conditions of each service.


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